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Crown Heights Mutual Aid is a network of neighbors providing direct aid and mutual support to each other in building up our community and working for social justice and equity. Our next event is a neighborhood party/ food and clothing giveaway on Saturday June 3 at First Historic Church, 221 Kingston Ave. 12-4pm

A row of unique townhouse apartment buildings with stoops on New York Ave. in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

We began in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020 and are now growing into a sustainable hub of support for the community and by the community. Organizing at CHMA—community events, food giveaways, political education, housing justice organizing, social media communication, and so on—is completely run by unpaid members and neighbors, and we invite you to join.

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What is Mutual Aid?

  1. Mutual aid projects work to meet survival needs and build shared understanding about why people do not have what they need.
  2. Mutual aid projects mobilize people, expand solidarity, and build movements.
  3. Mutual aid projects are participatory, solving problems through collective action rather than waiting for saviors.

Source: Mutual Aid – Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next), by Dean Spade

Mutual aid is the radical act of caring for each other while working to change the world.” – Dean Spade

To continue learning, Mutual Aid by Dean Spade is a good place to start:

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