Crown Heights Mutual Aid

After 16 months of intense operation and crisis work, Crown Heights Mutual Aid is on a Summer–Fall hiatus. We will reconvene on October 2nd and would love to see you then!

In the mean time, if you’d like to join us in the Fall, please fill out the membership form by clicking on “I Want To Join.” We’re also continuing our pods delivery work through the hiatus, so if you’re able to monetarily contribute to that effort, please click on “I Can Donate”!

Who are we?

Crown Heights Mutual Aid was born as network for direct aid in response to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. Work at CHMA—hotline intake, food delivery, fundraising and reimbursement, housing justice organizing, study group, social media communication, technical support, and so on— is completely run by unpaid members and neighbors.

However, following 16 months of intense operation, many engaged CHMA members deeply feel the necessity of a summer break. We made the decision to take a collective pause for about one and a half month for resting, reflecting, and recharging. We will reconvene on October 2, 2021 to map out work in the future.

As many of us are away for the break, these are what you could expect:

  • Orientations for onboarding new members will be paused
  • Existing pod-based deliveries will still continue. The funds we raise weekly are being used to support this work, our monthly recurring contributions in particular are invaluable for this work to continue!
  • Social media platforms will not be updated.

See you in October!

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Delivery Announcement:

After 16 months of organizing home grocery deliveries and direct financial assistance for and alongside our Crown Heights community during an extraordinary crisis, Crown Heights Mutual Aid has made the decision to close our phone line to new requests for aid by the middle of June.

CHMA will continue organizing in our community, but we have collectively recognized the need to transition away from our current rapid-response model and to make space for more sustainable and collaborative approaches to community care.

This system was developed during a crisis in order to quickly get aid to as many people as possible. While the COVID-19 crisis is far from over, the accessibility of the vaccine and reopening of many businesses has changed the moment, and we are seeing our own financial and labor capacity decrease.

It now feels like the right time to prioritize both sustainability and building deeper relationships. We will only be accepting new calls for as long as it takes us to redistribute the majority of our funds through grocery deliveries and financial assistance (which we anticipate will be no later than June 15).

At every step, our work has prioritized being honest about our capacity, the changes to our processes, and what that means for CHMA’s contributions towards trust and solidarity within Crown Heights. We are grateful to everyone we have met through this work since March 2020, and we thank you all for your understanding.

This crisis has inspired an amazing response of generosity and solidarity from within and beyond our community, and we are so grateful to anyone who has donated their time, resources, and platform to supporting CHMA’s work.

Thanks to this help, we believe that our work will only grow deeper as we go forward. Our tenants’ rights work, political education study groups, emerging community safety efforts, racial justice, Bulk Buying Club, and other pod organizing projects are still going strong!

As we take the time to reflect and plan the next phase of CHMA’s work, we will continue to share updates about next steps.

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